Selecting the Best Wedding Accessories for Men!

It’s never much emphasized on, but men also dream of having a perfect wedding where they are standing with that special lady of their life at the altar. They dream to look best because it’s their day too. So guys, this one’s for you! Stop thinking just about that perfect sherwani or tux and start concentrating on the small details that is how you can accessorize your D-day look to look your best.

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Planning a Wedding Theme: How To Choose Yours?

With the wedding bells ringing, there comes a load of activities pertaining to setting a perfect date for the D-day, organizing the wedding, choosing that perfect dress, contemplating your vows, etcetera. With everything, there’s this big decision of selecting the perfect theme for your wedding, without compromising on anything, because that’s how you’re going to remember this day throughout your life.

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Creative Seating Arrangement Ideas to Add Grace to the Ambiance of Your Reception!

Every couple wishes for a beautiful wedding. To make such happen, the theme should be well-executed and wedding decorations must be carefully chosen. The décor of your wedding ceremony is important, because you will have hundreds of guests, all waiting to be impressed by the venue the food, and the ceremony.

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12 Absolutely Stunning Looks for the Perfect Bridal Eye Makeup

Hello to all the lovelies out there!

Wedding day is one of those days in a girl’s life when she wants to look the ‘Most Beautiful.’ The easiest way to achieve that ‘pretty-you’ look is with a wedding makeup. The look that will embrace your glamorous side and catches eyes of your man as well as the guests.

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Wedding Invites: Spread the Word with these Out-Of-The-Box Ideas!

So, the date has been finalized for the D-day? Now, what’s next? The Wedding Invites.

When you start thinking about your wedding invitations, it’s easy to veer from excited to overwhelmed and back again. Well! There are a plenty of beautiful designs (Letterpress! Gold Foil! Engraving!) or maybe you’re thinking about DIYing your invites, and your brain is running creative  to sort out design and printing options.

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WELCOME to Wedlock Planners Blog!

Getting engaged in this month is such an exciting feeling. Autumn leaves, scenic landscapes, cool breeze and love all around. However, the exhilaration of saying “I will” can quickly be replaced by the overwhelming concerns surrounded with planning a wedding.

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