Wedding Gift Etiquette: What NOT to Give?

There are few days left to your friend’s wedding. Right? You’re marking up the dates on the calendar. You’ve got it all sorted, the dress, shoes, makeup, everything , but actually buying a gift for your friend’s wedding is not going that well, isn’t it? There’s always the pressure to get something perfect for the wedding couple because they deserve it and why not. And this process, believe it or not, can be quite stressful at times.

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Creative Seating Arrangement Ideas to Add Grace to the Ambiance of Your Reception!

Every couple wishes for a beautiful wedding. To make such happen, the theme should be well-executed and wedding decorations must be carefully chosen. The décor of your wedding ceremony is important, because you will have hundreds of guests, all waiting to be impressed by the venue the food, and the ceremony.

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Create an Unforgettable Ambiance with these Lighting Ideas

Although it is one of the most important details, lighting is frequently overlooked while planning a wedding. Often we focus on the decorations to cover the walls, tables and everywhere in between, but nothing transforms a space or sets the mood for your wedding like the right lighting. String lights, colored lights, LEDs, candles, light bulbs and lanterns create ambiance and add warmth to indoor as well as outdoor wedding alike. A big influence on the atmosphere of your wedding reception will actually be how the space is lit.

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WELCOME to Wedlock Planners Blog!

Getting engaged in this month is such an exciting feeling. Autumn leaves, scenic landscapes, cool breeze and love all around. However, the exhilaration of saying “I will” can quickly be replaced by the overwhelming concerns surrounded with planning a wedding.

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