10 Questions to ask your Wedding Caterer Before you Hire One!

Your guests will attend your wedding to watch you and your loved one get married. But they’ll also want to celebrate – and eat!

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12 Absolutely Stunning Looks for the Perfect Bridal Eye Makeup

Hello to all the lovelies out there!

Wedding day is one of those days in a girl’s life when she wants to look the ‘Most Beautiful.’ The easiest way to achieve that ‘pretty-you’ look is with a wedding makeup. The look that will embrace your glamorous side and catches eyes of your man as well as the guests.

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Wedding Invites: Spread the Word with these Out-Of-The-Box Ideas!

So, the date has been finalized for the D-day? Now, what’s next? The Wedding Invites.

When you start thinking about your wedding invitations, it’s easy to veer from excited to overwhelmed and back again. Well! There are a plenty of beautiful designs (Letterpress! Gold Foil! Engraving!) or maybe you’re thinking about DIYing your invites, and your brain is running creative  to sort out design and printing options.

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Create an Unforgettable Ambiance with these Lighting Ideas

Although it is one of the most important details, lighting is frequently overlooked while planning a wedding. Often we focus on the decorations to cover the walls, tables and everywhere in between, but nothing transforms a space or sets the mood for your wedding like the right lighting. String lights, colored lights, LEDs, candles, light bulbs and lanterns create ambiance and add warmth to indoor as well as outdoor wedding alike. A big influence on the atmosphere of your wedding reception will actually be how the space is lit.

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Exotic Wedding Destinations That Will Make You Go WOW!

Say ‘I do’ in stylish way you have ever imagined. Haven’t you ever fantasized about your wedding on a sea-side or at the royal resort? Destination Weddings are a trend that is really catching these days. Many foreigners are planning their destination weddings in India. But nowadays Indians also prefer destination weddings for more fun.

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Want The Best Pictures on Your D-day? Look Out For These Things!

So…The Wedding Bells are ringing!

Are they?

Weddings are the best time of our lives when we make the happiest of all the memories. Every one of us has fantasies for our D-Day. You always try your best to make this day an extra special one be it the venue, food, décor, outfits, the wedding car; there is only one thing that will seal these precious moments intact till the eternity – it is Photography!

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Go Bollywood this Wedding Season!

Let’s have some raunak-shanuak, let’s have some party night!

Let’s have raula-rappa…

That’s what we dream of a wedding sangeet. Isn’t that true, guys?

Indian weddings are a gala event. The non-stop masti is the integral factor in our weddings. The weddings fill the air with magic. Everyone is in the mood to dance and groove!

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Tie Your Wedding Knot In Rajasthan -The Royal State of India!

Rajasthan, the land of palaces, sandcastles, and rich cultural lineage is a myriad of bright hues, endless places of interest, and varied communities. This place is the epitome of luxury that will leave you mesmerized with its charm and its eternal glory. Being one of the biggest states in India, visitors across the world come here to stopover its exclusive olden times. Till date, this ‘royal’ state of India has protected the inheritance and the quintessence of its gallant Kings and Queens.

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WELCOME to Wedlock Planners Blog!

Getting engaged in this month is such an exciting feeling. Autumn leaves, scenic landscapes, cool breeze and love all around. However, the exhilaration of saying “I will” can quickly be replaced by the overwhelming concerns surrounded with planning a wedding.

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