Plan the Romantic Surprise of a ifetime by following these Helpful Tips!

Ready to pop the question? But, still dicey about how to make your proposal extra special? Well! Coming up with a right way to ask those four little but most important words of your life – “Will you marry me?” can be a challenge.

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Top 5 Honeymoon Destinations In India For Newlyweds

All you pretty ladies, after the major preparations in the process of your big day, the next big thing you have in your list is the  planning for the best vacay of your lifetime, your HONEYMOON! A special getaway with your beloved is the perfect way to spice things up after marriage where you get to spend some time alone and know each other. You want this time to be the best time you can spend with your partner, to unwind and relax.

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Buying an Engagement Ring: Tips to Know Before You Shop

Has your man popped the big question to you? If yes, the wedding bells are ringing there, you guys! The big day is soon to arrive and you’re marking your big dates on the calendar. If you’re soon to get engaged, an essential thing where you can’t afford to get wrong is the ENGAGEMENT RING.

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7 Quick Tips To Have an Artistic Wedding

If you are a connoisseur of fine art, and also a bride-to-be or groom-to-be who’s planning the wedding to be as creative and artistic as you are, start combining your creativity and passion for the most special day of your life! Your wedding is a canvas of your personality where you put in every taste and like of yours. If you want to give the guests a glimpse of your artistic side, here’s how you can do it, to have an ‘artistic wedding’.

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Selecting the Best Wedding Accessories for Men!

It’s never much emphasized on, but men also dream of having a perfect wedding where they are standing with that special lady of their life at the altar. They dream to look best because it’s their day too. So guys, this one’s for you! Stop thinking just about that perfect sherwani or tux and start concentrating on the small details that is how you can accessorize your D-day look to look your best.

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Best Wedding Movies of All Time!

Movies, especially the Indian cinema, leaves no rock unturned to represent the extravagancy and the magic a wedding can create in a women’s life. Whether you see a bride in a perfect white dazzling gown or in a bright red sparkling red lehenga choli, you can’t help but imagine yourself in that position and take wedding inspiration from all these movies.

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Wedding Gift Etiquette: What NOT to Give?

There are few days left to your friend’s wedding. Right? You’re marking up the dates on the calendar. You’ve got it all sorted, the dress, shoes, makeup, everything , but actually buying a gift for your friend’s wedding is not going that well, isn’t it? There’s always the pressure to get something perfect for the wedding couple because they deserve it and why not. And this process, believe it or not, can be quite stressful at times.

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Wedding Dress Shopping Tips Every Bride Should Know

The Wedding is the moment which every girl looks forward to in her life. The overwhelming feeling of thousands of eyes on you, that beautiful smile, and, of course, that perfect, stunning wedding dress. But what makes it a perfect dress?

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Planning a Wedding Theme: How To Choose Yours?

With the wedding bells ringing, there comes a load of activities pertaining to setting a perfect date for the D-day, organizing the wedding, choosing that perfect dress, contemplating your vows, etcetera. With everything, there’s this big decision of selecting the perfect theme for your wedding, without compromising on anything, because that’s how you’re going to remember this day throughout your life.

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Creative Seating Arrangement Ideas to Add Grace to the Ambiance of Your Reception!

Every couple wishes for a beautiful wedding. To make such happen, the theme should be well-executed and wedding decorations must be carefully chosen. The décor of your wedding ceremony is important, because you will have hundreds of guests, all waiting to be impressed by the venue the food, and the ceremony.

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