Plan the Romantic Surprise of a ifetime by following these Helpful Tips!

Ready to pop the question? But, still dicey about how to make your proposal extra special? Well! Coming up with a right way to ask those four little but most important words of your life – “Will you marry me?” can be a challenge.

Nowadays, planning your proposal and asking the one you love to marry is no longer having a dinner date and popping the question deal. You’re probably in a thought that it has to be a BIG proposal – something that she’ll never forget. It should also be personalized to your relationship. Pheww! That’s  a lot of pressure.

But, there is nothing to worry about! We have some fabulous ideas to help make your proposal memorable. Check out our tips for reliving this magical moment throughout your “happily ever after!”

  1. Make it unique to the relationship

Whether it’s including elements like your favorite place where you had your first kiss or your favorite song, some couples said that their proposals to be reflective of the relationship. Many couples also revealed that they don’t want a proposal that was copied from someone else or that didn’t take any thought or effort.

  1. Let’s think outside the box

When it comes to asking someone to spend the rest of their life with you, even ordinary moments can become extraordinary. That means you can try something crazy like skydiving or you can simply turn a regular ice-skiing date into the surprise of a lifetime.

  1. Create an intimate atmosphere

Whether the proposal is in the room or at-the-top of mountains, create an intimate moment is key. After all, you need a private place or alone time to ask your significant other about spending your life together. Marriage is a commitment made between two people and no one else.

  1. Express your feelings

A successful relationship is all about good communication, so it’s fitting many couples we have talked to felt the perfect proposal meant discussing life’s biggest decisions beforehand. A simple, logical and calm conversation that lays out commitment, expectations, money issues, and many other possible factors in a non-emotional and concise manner. The celebration can happen once terms are outlined.

  1. Incorporate music

Do you have a special song that holds meaning to both of you? Or, does she remember the first song you ever slow-danced to? If you don’t remember, ask her subtly without giving away your plan. Having a sweet tune playing in the background elevates your proposal to ‘unforgettable’ status.

  1. Hire a professional photographer

He or she can hang out close to your proposal spot and secretly capture amazing photos of your proposal scene. There are many expert photographers out there who know how to capture the light, making your setting look even more magical, and position themselves can help you get a priceless shots of the her expressions when she realizes what’s happening.

  1. Get symbolic with flowers

Surprise her with a beautiful flower bouquet or arrange floral décor at your proposal site for that romantic touch. You can choose her favorite flowers or go with peach or white roses for that subtle yet elegant touch.

Lastly, one word of caution – Just make sure she’s up for the public proposal before you plan something over-the-top or something elaborate involving a large crowd of people. Not everyone likes public proposals. Gauge her feelings before saying “Will you Marry Me?”

If you have some creative ideas that came across while reading this post, share with us!

We are waiting for your response!


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