Selecting the Best Wedding Accessories for Men!

It’s never much emphasized on, but men also dream of having a perfect wedding where they are standing with that special lady of their life at the altar. They dream to look best because it’s their day too. So guys, this one’s for you! Stop thinking just about that perfect sherwani or tux and start concentrating on the small details that is how you can accessorize your D-day look to look your best.

These traditional and stylish accessories not only enhance your overall look but also accentuate your sophistication and charisma. So, here we bring a list of accessories every groom should have.

1) Haar or neckpiece: A haar is an Indian neckpiece that bears traditional significance while looking absolutely stunning in this accessory. You can either go for a layered pearl strings, the traditional golden chains and pendants or a single stringed pearl or gold chain. You can also consider necklaces with beads and stones of the colors that match your wedding outfit.

2) Cuff links: Cuff links are a versatile accessory that you can sport either with a sherwani or a tuxedo. A stunning pair of cuff links with classy shades or metal enhances your grandeur of the outfit you are wearing. So for your special occasion, pick a stunning pair and get ready to shine.

3) Watch: No one can deny the quintessence of a watch to add that oomph factor to your entire ensemble. Simple or stylish, it can totally make your attire look all the way perfect. If you are wearing a metal watch, try to match it with the cuff links or the tie pin.

4) Jutti or shoes: There are different kind of Juttis, like Mojris or Salim-Shahi, so go for the ones that suit your Indian attire and the color theme of your ensemble. Also, they can be custom made for you keeping in mind the size and requirements. Gorgeous glossy black shoes are the best choice to pair with the tux or wedding suit, that add a little bit of hotness quotient in your look.

5) Pagdi or Turban: Pagdis are those accessories which give a groom a royal look. Whether we talk about a beautiful swarowski studded turban or a plain bright red one with a stunning brooch, or a studded feather, you can’t go wrong in adding that royal touch to your attire with such simple yet elegant piece of accessory. Match it with  your outfit and you’re ready to shine.

6) Pocket square: This small piece of cloth can do wonders for your wedding look. Whether you are wearing a sherwani or a tuxedo or a suit, a pocket square is something which compliments either of them. You can either match it with your attire or go for a contrasting shade that stands out and make turn heads.

7) Dupatta or Stole: You can’t possibly imagine a sherwani without a dupatta or a stole. It’s a long scarf that has tassels at the end. The dupatta can be draped around your neck, or to give a royal touch to your outfit, you can simply wear it on the shoulder of one arm going right around your waist and wrapped around another arm. Match your dupatta with the bride’s attire to have that picture-perfect look together.

8) Smile: No look is complete without this accessory. Stand there at the altar looking a perfect groom for your bride and all you have to do is just smile, with all your heart and confidence. And you are good to go!

Now, with all these tips for your big day, you are ready to steal the limelight. Choose wisely and choose something that will make you feel truly handsome!


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