7 Quick Tips To Have an Artistic Wedding

If you are a connoisseur of fine art, and also a bride-to-be or groom-to-be who’s planning the wedding to be as creative and artistic as you are, start combining your creativity and passion for the most special day of your life! Your wedding is a canvas of your personality where you put in every taste and like of yours. If you want to give the guests a glimpse of your artistic side, here’s how you can do it, to have an ‘artistic wedding’.

1) Dramatic Wedding Invitations

Get the invites which give the guests an idea of your creative side. Try for heavy embellished invitation cards or incorporate a beautiful painting printed that matches the theme of your wedding. Try some bold and bright colors with multiple inserts and 3-D pop up cards.

2) Painting and Artworks

Contact the local artists or go for a famously known artist, you can’t go wrong in integrating a beautiful piece of art into your wedding theme. If you are confident enough, paint something yourself that compliments the theme of your wedding and incorporate it on the walls.

3) Thoughtful Tables

Seating tables are those places where the guests spend most of their time in a wedding, so ensure you have an artistic vibe over there. Hand painted candles, name cards, glassware etcetera can be used as a part of décor.

4) Flashy Flowers

For some couples, the choice of DIY flowers is the right one, while others choose to hire a professional florist for the work. Flowers never fail to catch the eyes of the guests, especially the vibrant and exotic varieties of flowers. Try adding that oomph factor to the wedding by mixing and matching the right colors and varieties that compliment the theme of the wedding

5) Customized Goodies

Make your guests feel important and special with welcome bags and goody bags that go beyond few snacks and beauty products. Go for some conventional art pieces like handmade candles and photo frames, a customized monogrammed show piece etcetera.

6) Allover Lighting

While focusing on the decorations and tables, the right amount of perfect lighting often gets ignored, that can transform the whole wedding atmosphere. Revolutionize your wedding with some creative lighting, projecting falling leaves, little hearts, flowers, or a monogram geometric pattern on the dance floor. Your guests surely won’t stop staring at this beautiful setup.

7) Showstopper Entry

An entryway is the first impression your guests of your wedding, and probably the last impression. Do not neglect the power of a perfect creative entryway. Add that perfect red carpet or define the space with the colors that compliment your wedding theme by adding apt lighting, sparkles and confetti, balloons and dramatic artifacts.

Now that you have the idea of a perfect artistic wedding, go on adding a part of yourself with your creative skills and grab the stares of your guests!


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