Wedding Gift Etiquette: What NOT to Give?

There are few days left to your friend’s wedding. Right? You’re marking up the dates on the calendar. You’ve got it all sorted, the dress, shoes, makeup, everything , but actually buying a gift for your friend’s wedding is not going that well, isn’t it? There’s always the pressure to get something perfect for the wedding couple because they deserve it and why not. And this process, believe it or not, can be quite stressful at times.

Do not worry when we are here to shoo away all your wedding gifts woes. But before getting to that perfect gift, you need to know what NOT to give as a wedding gift, because trust us, you do not want your gift to end up in some store room, after spending bucks on it. So here they go!

1) Something monogrammed: Okay, unless the couple has registered for it, steer clear of anything monogrammed. Let’s be honest, if they want something like that, they’d themselves get one. It’s important that a couple likes such monogrammed gifts because they are impossible to return and adds unnecessary expense for you.

2) Fresh flowers: DO NOT gift the flowers just for the sake of a wedding gift. They are a total waste of money as these bouquets are usually thrown out the very next day as no couple wants dead flower bouquets when they return from their honeymoon.

3) Artwork: if you think your taste in art and the couple’s taste match regarding any art piece, then 90% of the times you are wrong. Because one person’s Da Vinci’s can be other person’s “What exactly this is supposed to be?” try giving something that won’t end up being stashed in the attic.

4) Religious gifts: Indian weddings tend to be religious affairs, with all the traditional ceremonies and rituals continuing from generations. With all these religious sentiments, people think that giving religious idols, books or other memorabilia of religious significance is a good idea. But in reality, no couple wants its room teeming with murtis of religious Gods.

5) Re-gifted items: what do you do with a gift someone has given you long back and you don’t like it? You pass it on to where you find is right. Usually, if that’s something a couple can put to use to, they don’t mind, but the idea of re-gifting something someone gifted you with all their heart, is just insensitive and lame.

6) A book: Be it a book on relationships or a guide to have a happy married life, no couple, ever wants to receive something that they won’t have time for. You can’t expect a newly wedded couple to be reading books on their honeymoon. So books are a big no-no to give as a wedding gift.

7) Coupons and gift cards: No, no one wants to know that you had no time to find a real gift for the wedding couple. Coupons and gift cards are a literal give away of how impersonal you can be. Some efforts are much appreciated.

8) Anything related to babies: They are a newly wedded couple. For God’s sake, never ever think of gifting them a baby pink onesie or a crib. Unless they let you know about their plans on having babies right after the marriage, DO NOT go on and plan their future in your mind.

9) His and Her tees: They know they belong to each other. They have a wedding ring on their fingers. They are so in love. They are not interested in showing the world they belong to each other. Such tees are just so 90’s and you definitely don’t want them to look tacky.

So guys, be careful in selecting that perfect gift for your newly wedded friends, keeping in mind their needs and likes. Obviously, there’s no harm in sneaking your way into their minds and knowing what they want to be gifted!


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