Wedding Dress Shopping Tips Every Bride Should Know

The Wedding is the moment which every girl looks forward to in her life. The overwhelming feeling of thousands of eyes on you, that beautiful smile, and, of course, that perfect, stunning wedding dress. But what makes it a perfect dress?

Finding something breathtaking, affordable, comfortable, easy to dance in and reflects your personal style, is a draggy process that puts a bride-to-be under an unnecessary stress. When you’re looking for this perfect dress, it’s important to be sure of some crucial factors so that it shan’t turn out to be a blunder.

Here are some tips on deciding that perfect wedding dress for your special day!

1) Set a realistic budget: You must be having a particular amount set aside for your wedding gown, but that does not mean you have to spend it all on it. Factor in tax, alterations and shipping charges. Always check seller feedback before you commit to and pay for the dress to a private seller. Pay by a credit card so that you have the record of the payment in case problems arise. By planning ahead monetarily, you’ll have less to worry about and look the prettiest bride.

2) Know your body type: The most important step for selecting that special outfit is having the knowledge of your body type. A particular body type highlights a particular style of dress. Choose a dress that flatters your body and not the trends only. If you’re not sure of your body shape and type, try to research it or contact a stylist to know more. But most of all, be honest with yourselves because no matter what body type, it’s your day and you’re going to be the most beautiful bride to your man! J

3) Selecting the right style: After discovering your body shape, narrow down the styles you want to pick for the big day. Decide whether you’re looking for a strapless, A-line, ball gown, the kind of necklines and embellishments. Browse your kind of style and pin down your favorites. You don’t need to stick to traditions- find a dress that flatters you and shows off your personality.

4) Schedule your appointment: Try to schedule your appointments with the designer on the weekday, preferably in the morning, when there are fewer crowds, to get the best services and attention from the sales staff. Schedule the appointments at the salons where you get the preferred designers and at the same time, is within your budget.

5) Trying on the dresses: Once you select your appointments with the bridal salon, go on trying some good number of dresses before finalizing on ‘the one’. Once a dress is on a woman body, it takes a whole new shape and style. You get to know how to carry the particular style and color, and select the perfect one that flatters your personality. Try to move around and do the usual activities with the dress on. But remember not to try too many dresses at once as it can add stress and confusion. Find a bridal salon that gets your style and has a good variety to choose from.

6) Choose what you feel is right for you: Not your mother, not your sister or your friend, no one can tell you what you feel happy and comfortable in. It’s YOU!. It’s your day and your dress. Try adding a veil to that dress and imagine walking down the aisle. If that makes you happy to the extent where you don’t want to take it off, your search for the perfect wedding dress is over and you’re ready to take over the world by being the most beautiful bride they’ve seen

Lastly, don’t forget to put that beautiful smile on your face because your dress won’t be perfect without it! Just be who you are and there’ll be nothing you can’t conquer. Good luck folks!

If you think we have missed out on some important suggestions, please do comment. Don’t forget to share this with your friends and brides-to-be!


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