Planning a Wedding Theme: How To Choose Yours?

With the wedding bells ringing, there comes a load of activities pertaining to setting a perfect date for the D-day, organizing the wedding, choosing that perfect dress, contemplating your vows, etcetera. With everything, there’s this big decision of selecting the perfect theme for your wedding, without compromising on anything, because that’s how you’re going to remember this day throughout your life.

To determine what kind of wedding you want to have, the theme if the day, you need to focus on the things you like and do not like.

1) Research for the ideas: If you have absolutely no idea where to begin with, take ideas from the suitable sources and keep an open mind. Ask your friends who have recently been married or take advice from the wedding planners. Go through the wedding sites and blogs and pen down the ideas that suit your requirements.

2) Pick a place and setting: The venue of the wedding is going to be the reflection of the elements you and your man like. So choosing a location that you simply adore is a jump-off start to an amazing wedding. You can choose from a number of locations like a beach, the forest, countryside etcetera. Decide on the season you want to get married in, for the spring weddings will be bright and colorful whereas the autumn weddings are supposed to be elegant and dusky.

3) Organize your ideas: After you have pen downed all the ideas of where and how you want the wedding to happen, it’s time to look at what you really want, organize it in the way so you can work through it in the process. Select your favorite ideas and turn them into a theme you want.

4) Select the suitable color palette: With the combinations and theme being selected, choose a color palette that flatters the theme and season of the wedding. Try to compliment the color scheme with your dress and the bridesmaids’ dresses. Don’t forget about the time of the wedding, you surely can’t fit your vision for a wedding taking place in the middle of the day and pairing it with black or navy blue bridesmaids dresses. So, the color scheme can either highlight the wedding theme or it can turn out to be a total blunder.

5) Don’t forget the vibe: remember that the theme of the wedding is the canvas of your personality. It can affect the look of your wedding and set the tone. An evening wedding in the palace or the morning wedding on the beach, either is great, as long as it has the pieces of your inspiration. You want your passions to shine through this wedding, which makes it stand out and feel special.

Now all you need to do is find something old, something borrowed and something blue! Have a happy wedding! J


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