Best Wedding Movies of All Time!

Movies, especially the Indian cinema, leaves no rock unturned to represent the extravagancy and the magic a wedding can create in a women’s life. Whether you see a bride in a perfect white dazzling gown or in a bright red sparkling red lehenga choli, you can’t help but imagine yourself in that position and take wedding inspiration from all these movies.

So, if you’re a bride-to-be, dig in these movies to get the best fashion tips, dance lessons, relationship advice and what not. And if you’re not even close to getting married, girls, get ready to set some high wedding goals with this list of scintillating movies! There you go.

1) Wedding planner goals from BAND BAAJA BAARAAT-


No one can forget the amazing chemistry and the scintillating story line of how love can happen unexpectedly amidst all the wedding planning. From a Janakpuri wedding to high class farm house, they got it all covered while unknowingly falling in love. The business of wedding planners surely has been booming since this movie!

2) The grand affair of HUM AAPKE HAI KAUN-


This movie surely set a trend of stealing the groom’s shoes and of course, that gorgeous purple outfit! With a typical story plot of having the hots for your bhabhi’s sister to the heartbreaking compromises, this movie certainly extracts all the extravagancy of Big Fat Indian Wedding.

3) The essence of a typical Indian love marriage with 2 STATES-


when people from two totally different cultures fall in love, all the things they go through, from having to convince your parents and making compromises to know each other’s perspective, 2 States is a movie you can’t miss to watch if your story matches the plot.

4) The unexpected turn of events in HUM DIL DE CHUKE SANAM-


Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam went on to become a cult hit. The concept of arranged marriage represented through the beautiful dialogues and turn of events show how love can blossom in an arranged marriage. While you can’t forget your first love, this movie shows how an arranged marriage can go on to become so strong that it can overpower anything.

5) The American brides’ hustle in BRIDE WARS-


Imagine you and your best friend getting married on the same date and same place. What will you do? If you can’t possibly imagine yourself in that place, try watching this movie where two pretty girls who have been best friends since  childhood cross roads on their wedding, trying to take a superior hand over all the wedding preparations.

6) The emotional ride in MY BEST FRIEND’S WEDDING-


They say falling in love with your best friend is the best feeling ever. My Best friend’s Wedding is a movie where a girl falls in love with her best friend only to know that he’s engaged to be married in three days. Well, that breaks your heart too. While trying to sabotage the wedding and winning the man she feels to be ‘the one’ for her, this movie shows all the extents one can go through to win the one you love.

7) Taking our hearts away with RUNAWAY BRIDE-


Finding that perfect man with whom you can spend your rest of the life, that’s a difficult task. This movie shows the story of multiple decisions of a woman to marry the guys she found right for her, and abandoning them at the altar. From understanding the complexities of a relationship and the requirements of a perfect marriage, this movie has nailed all of it correctly.

Now go ahead and set some amazing wedding goals with all these movies and look for yourself in them. Do share which movie is your favorite and why!


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