Creative Seating Arrangement Ideas to Add Grace to the Ambiance of Your Reception!

Every couple wishes for a beautiful wedding. To make such happen, the theme should be well-executed and wedding decorations must be carefully chosen. The décor of your wedding ceremony is important, because you will have hundreds of guests, all waiting to be impressed by the venue the food, and the ceremony.

Once all the wedding invitation responses have been given, now is the time to determine where each attending guest should be seated. No matter how elaborate your stage is or how good your flower arrangement is, shabby or ugly seating can undermine all your efforts and spoil the entire look of your day. In my experience, everything runs smoothly when people know where they’re supposed to be!

Obviously you can’t let guests wander around the reception hall and choose where they’d like to sit, so the real job begins of sorting everyone into somewhat friendly groupings where hopefully no one’s feeling will be hurt. Well! It can be tricky to put the perfect array of chairs and tables together, but making sure your plan looks as cool and creative as possible is lots of fun.

Indian weddings have a special appeal all their own. When it comes to glamour, sophistication, and even entertainment, our wedding are not less than anything. Proper seating arrangement at a party plays a vital role in making it a successful, memorable event. This blog posts of ours talks about the seating arrangement that add grace to a wedding party.

Here are some great ideas about adding that ‘WOW’ factor to the seating of your wedding ceremony:

  1. Fascinating floral decorations

Keep it simple yet stylish. Go for centerpieces that do not look like total contrasts. Use flowers that you see around you instead of settling for something expensive. The beautiful arrangements are usually placed not only on tables, but also on other areas like on the welcome gate, pillars and on stage. Perfect for both outdoor and indoor wedding receptions, flower centerpieces can surely create a magic to wow your wedding guests.

  1. Lighten up the décor

Lanterns, string lights, chandeliers and candles add the much-needed softness to any wedding event. Sk your wedding planner or lighting planner to make special arrangement of flowers as it can help in filling empty spaces and bring more warmth to the aura.

  1. Drape the seats with linens

Dress up the banquet chairs with nice linen which is not torn or stained. Afterwards, pretty is up with bow, colored sash, ribbons, crystals or flowers. You can also add tassels, beads, cords, buckles, motifs, brooches to bring more personalization in the seating.

  1. Color Combination

The chairs and tables set the theme of your reception and the mood of your guests. Use color carefully. Less is more. You can use the white or ivory color wedding linen and accent the table with the naturally elegant colors of flowers or the refinement of ribbon or decorative fabric. But make sure, you choose the color that goes with the entire theme; otherwise it will look zoned out.

  1. And the details?

Your guests will spend most of their time on tables, so then is your time to wow and delight them by adding small details that brings appreciation, smiles and good impressions. Choose small gifts or favors that warm their hearts and dazzle their eyes or tempt their taste buds.

We hope that these ideas will help you in planning the best seating for your guests. Add special touches where you can to communicate to your guests how special they are to you. You won’t have much time during the wedding to say “Thank you for Being Here,” so let your seating arrangement and décor do it for you!

We would love to read your suggestions about seating arrangements in wedding. If you liked this BLOG post, don’t forget to share it with your friends!


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