10 Questions to ask your Wedding Caterer Before you Hire One!

Your guests will attend your wedding to watch you and your loved one get married. But they’ll also want to celebrate – and eat!

When it comes to selecting the relishing dishes from the wide menu for your wedding, it’s easy to get carried away by all of the delicious morsels at your tasting and say: “I want it all!” Of Course, it’s important to listen to your stomach here, but don’t go on this single instinct alone. Think research and take your time to carefully plot out your menu and even if you don’t consider yourself a foodie, for purposes of your wedding menu, we recommend thinking like one.

When you’re looking for a wedding caterer, you’ll want to make sure that the food looks good as well as relish the taste buds of the guests and fits your wedding style and budget. So, it’s essential to find a caterer that does approve by your venue. Here are 10 important questions to ask your wedding caterer:

  1. Are you available on my date?

Of course if the caterer is not available on your date, it’s definitely a no-go.

  1. What can you recommend for my wedding style, time, and date and that fits my budget? How much does it cost per person?

A caterer usually charges on a per-person basis. First, tell your caterer the number of guests you plan to invite and also ask him the date deadline for submitting your final number of guests, so that the preparations can start accordingly.

  1. Do you specialize in particular type of cuisine? Can I request a special recipe?

Before selecting the style of food you chose fits what you envision for your wedding reception. May be there’s an entre or appetizer that is special to you and your family. It would be a cherry on the cake for the caterer to work it into the menu.

  1. Does the cost-per person work differently for a buffet style setup versus a sit-down dinner?

The answer is probably ‘yes’, but it is worth asking.

  1. If you provide dinnerware and linens, do you provide options in color and style?

Caterers often have a collection of dinnerware and linens, but in a limited range. It may be possible for them to obtain a special request from a wedding equipment vendor. Be sure to pay the extra price.

  1. Who will be the responsible manager for the catering the day of my wedding?

You should meet the concerned person who will be in charge of your wedding catering. It’s important to insist on this because you want to trust that if they are capable of doing the job you are hiring them to.

  1. How much time will it take to set up and break down?

You’ll probably be allotted a timeframe by our reception location for setup and cleanup. Be sure the caterer can work within these timeframes.

  1. Do you make wedding cakes?

This may be a plus point if the caterer can either arrange for a baker to make your cake(s).

  1. Will you let us sample dishes proposed for our wedding?

Taking the samples of food is a great way to know what their taste will be like and does it will according to your preference.

  1. What is your required deposit to hold the dates? When do we have to pay the rest of the bill?

This is one of the most important questions because the deposit seals the deal.

If you think, we’ve missed out some questions, feel free to share yours!


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