12 Absolutely Stunning Looks for the Perfect Bridal Eye Makeup

Hello to all the lovelies out there!

Wedding day is one of those days in a girl’s life when she wants to look the ‘Most Beautiful.’ The easiest way to achieve that ‘pretty-you’ look is with a wedding makeup. The look that will embrace your glamorous side and catches eyes of your man as well as the guests.

Now, you must be thinking how to pull this bridal beauty look off exactly? We’ve got you covered!

We love a dramatic eye make-up, when it’s done right to accentuate and create a stunning bridal makeup look. The color combinations are endless and some make-up artists has a knack for creating some beautiful looks with shades of gold, plum, copper, and emerald green just to name a few.

  1. For a naturally beautiful makeup look that puts the whole focus on your lips, pair an orchid-colored with peach blush and subtly lined eyes.
  2. Smoky eyes don’t always have to consist of gray or charcoal shades. Use a jade shadow to bring the same effect but don’t forget to throw some color into the mix. Then, put a sheer pink gloss over your lips and apply a peach blush over your cheeks.
  3. To have that sexy look, create a smoky winged eye, apply bronzer on your cheekbones, skip blush, and then finish with a pale pink lip.
  4. For a minimal makeup look, put a liner on your inner upper and lower lash lines, and pat some highlighter cream onto your cheekbones to amp up the glow you already have.
  5. Even though it’s your wedding day, you don’t have to try everything when it comes to your makeup. If you prefer a subtle or no-makeup look, pair a neutral taupe eyeshadow with a touch of blush and a taupe lipstick.
  6. If you wear a smoky eye and bold red lip on casual days, don’t be hesitated to wear that smoldering combo on your wedding day. However, if it’s not a normal look you wear, don’t let your wedding day be the day you start experimenting.
  7. Top your lids with white liner and blend it beautifully to create a well-rested look. Then, trace your top lash line only with black liner and apply a peach cream blush to your lips and cheeks.
  8. Pair a smoky, silver, fully lined eye with an apricot blush and a nude lip color for a gorgeous finish.
  9. Show off your natural look by trying an overall lighter look by keeping your eyeliner more intense along the outer corner of your eyes. Finish with a bright pink shade on your lips and a light pink cheek color.
  10. If you’re fond of brown smoky eye, use an earth tone palette that offers shades within the same color family, so you can build a gradated, beautiful smoky eye with ease. Sweep an apricot blush over your cheeks and a clear gloss onto your lips to complete the look.
  11. You can also go for bronze shades on your eyes, lips, and cheeks to create a gorgeous, monochromatic bombshell effect.
  12. Choose a light pink-champagne shadow to top your lids for a lighter, yet still dramatic look. Then apply a peach blush onto the apples of your cheeks and run a dusty rose lipstick over your pout.

We know that not all brides are made equal. From their choice to wedding décor to their dream wedding dress, every bride has their own unique expectations of their special day. As far as eye makeup goes, it can be overwhelming to choose what looks best for you with a myriad of options out there. Just make sure that whatever you do is an accurate reflection of who you are.


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