Wedding Invites: Spread the Word with these Out-Of-The-Box Ideas!

So, the date has been finalized for the D-day? Now, what’s next? The Wedding Invites.

When you start thinking about your wedding invitations, it’s easy to veer from excited to overwhelmed and back again. Well! There are a plenty of beautiful designs (Letterpress! Gold Foil! Engraving!) or maybe you’re thinking about DIYing your invites, and your brain is running creative  to sort out design and printing options.

Well! We have summed up some of the creative ideas that could make your wedding invites a talk to the NEXT door!

  • Take a photo –it’ll last longer

You can give your wedding invitations a personalized look by including a snapshot of you and your special one. This portrait gives you the perfect chance to dress up, and choose a special location to tell the story of your love in a unique way.

  • Sing it loud

You can take the help of singers, songwriters and musicians to create your own wedding invitation song. Everyone is a sucker for a good love song, after all, singing the same song on your special day to your guests will be music to their ears. You can share a song digitally or send a hard copy via flash drive or CD.

  • Puzzle your pals

Give your friends and family a bit of challenge by creating a wedding invitation puzzles. Sudoku, Crossword puzzles and other common brainteasers will transform your wedding invitations into a fun game and help your guests remember all of that important information.

  • Make like a movie star

When you’re a simply environmentally conscious or super tech savvy, modern couples can put their skills to work by creating wedding invitation videos. Film you and your significant other inviting your friends and relatives to the ceremony, and then edit the videos, turn them into finished files and email them to everyone on your guest list! Let your creativity run by miming an old-fashioned silent film, freestyle rapping or acting out your favorite rom-com scene.

  • Between the folds

Simply or intricately folded paper designs have long been a part of cultural traditions for good reason. So, this way, let your imagination wander to the edge of the earth and back.

For many couples, wedding invitations are a colossal part of the traditional charm of a ceremony. Some couples decide to go with the mainstream etiquette to the letter, afraid that any technical or stylistic blunder will detract from the refined flavor of their event. For others, however, invitations are merely another outlet to show off their eccentric personal style.

  • The style of wedding (formal or casual)
  • Your wedding locale (destination-wedding, local-wedding, church, park etc.)
  • Color scheme
  • Your personal style (traditional or contemporary)
  • The theme of your wedding, if you have one.

Things to keep in mind before finalizing wedding invitations:

  • Learn about the different components that make up an invitation suite
  • Word your invitations like a pro and avoid etiquette mistakes

No matter what unique inviutation style you choose, make it your own! Focus on what type of invitation fits you and your fiance’s personalities best. Wedding invitations also vary in price point from very expensive to quite reasonable. You need to choose them with care while keeping the budget in mind, so that you get the best invitation possible at your price point.

Before finalizing your wedding invites, be sure to search for awesome wedding stationary designers on google, pinterest, twitter, facebook and sites such as Etsy; they have so many creative ranges to choose from. Although you want your big day to stand out, staying true to your personal style is key to choosing the perfect invitations.


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