Want The Best Pictures on Your D-day? Look Out For These Things!

So…The Wedding Bells are ringing!

Are they?

Weddings are the best time of our lives when we make the happiest of all the memories. Every one of us has fantasies for our D-Day. You always try your best to make this day an extra special one be it the venue, food, décor, outfits, the wedding car; there is only one thing that will seal these precious moments intact till the eternity – it is Photography!

Photographs are that treasure which when seen makes you relive those timeless moments of your life. Everyone wants to have the best pictures at their wedding. So shelling out at a good photographer would surely be a wise decision. But the hurdle is whom shall you consider a good photographer? And how shall you start your search for a photographer?

You have to keep your eyes open while searching for a good photographer. Nowadays, there is no dearth of those photographers who self-proclaim themselves as a candid photographer. Don’t rely just because he said he is a candid photographer.   Often you will start searching online. As any normal user, you will go through the first ten search results. Decide what you want: a photographer who can pluck the chords of your heart with his creativity or the one who is a mere marketer.

Here I am penning down some tips for how to choose and hire your wedding photographer!

  1. Ask your friends who already got married: Visit your friends that got recently married. Have a look at their wedding album, may be you get your dream photographer there. If this doesn’t work go through the next tip.
  2. Research and Research again: Don’t just rely on Google’s first page. The top ten results you find on the first page of Google are just because of marketing. The best photographer might be hidden in the 3rd or 4th page of Google. Search till 5th page of Google to get the right budgeted photographer who has an eye of photography art. Always remember a good marketer doesn’t equal a good photographer. Sometimes it turns out to be a marketing success and a product failure!


  1. Budget: Decide your budget and your requirements. Prepare the list of functions that you want to get covered whether you want pre-bridal shoot and post bridal. Accordingly, plan for hiring a photographer.


  1. The power of Social media: Not just Googling, try reading the testimonials of various photographers. Social networking platforms can help you get to the right one.
  1. Visit the local photographers in your area: Don’t underestimate the work of your local area photographer. You might be unaware of their creative talent. Go visit their studios, gauge the talent and chances are you may get your dream wedding photographer!


  1. Don’t get tempted to the term ‘candid photographer’: Instead of relying on words, have a glance at his work and decide if he is the one who can capture the essence of the moment.
  2. Compare the packages: Do compare the packages that different photographers offer. Finalize accordingly.
  3. Talk to your Photographer: Once you make up your mind for a photographer, talk to him in detail. Talk him on Skype, on phone, the best is to meet in person. Discuss with him the kind of effects you want to add to your wedding album. Review the work with a critical eye as you are going to spend on them. Don’t feel shy.
  4. Take your time: Don’t rush the things. You can have a re-take while choosing the best photographer for you.

So these were some important tips to consider while hiring a shutterbug for your special day.

Go ahead, Go Wed!




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