Non-Conventional Color Palette Is The Latest Trend This Wedding Season!

If an artist would be asked to paint an Indian bride, the color palette would undoubtedly have bright colors like orange, fuchsia pink, or deep, rich colors like red and maroon. Isn’t it?

Well! There were times when Indian brides use to pick up the conventional colors like deep maroon, red or magenta for their wedding dresses. But, not anymore! Thanks to the great evolution of latest trends in Indian wedding wear, the soon-to-be married couples now have a plenty of exciting and vibrant colors to choose from.

Pushing back the affirmation to traditional dictums, the wardrobe choices, the trousseau selection and the impeccable sense of individualism is the new bridal fashion mantra. The color scheme has not escaped from the most dramatic makeover of the Indian weddings either. There has been a paradigm shift in the color palette, silhouettes and the design choices.

Pastel shades are very popular this season. Light colors have now ironically seeing brides vying for it for their big day ceremonies.  From bridal wear to wedding décor, modern couples seem to be opting for a light and breezy feel with colors like peach, gold champagne, powder blue, lavender, mint green and lemon yellow instead of traditional heavier colors. Not just lehengas, gowns or LBDs, even the saris are giving the shout-out and creating a trail of pristine as a wardrobe must have.

  • Peachy Magic

Away from the louder shades of red and pink, peach color is a bloom with a refreshing feel to the wedding lehenga or saree. This subtle, warm and delicious color is ideal for summer or spring wedding. You can look nothing less than a princess in a dreamy peach colored lehenga. This soft hue would look good almost on all types of skin tones. Go for lehenga with minimal embroidery or embellishments on it.

  • Opulent Purple

With an aura of magic, royalty, and mystery, the orchid color when used in a wedding trousseau bring an element of absolute elegance in your personality. From light purple shades like lavender and lilac to the deep shades like violet, plum, you have a large variety available to choose from. Pick any of the hues from the purple color palette to rock your sangeet ceremony, wedding day or reception party.

  • Classic Champagne

Classy and elegant, champagne or ivory color, an off shoot of the color signifies and old-world charm. It is a hue that is both gracious and polished at the same time. This is for more classical conservative brides, it signifies vintage beauty and has a rich traditional feel to it.

  • Dreamy Powder Blue

This hue of blue is neither too feminine nor too masculine. it is also a very regal looking color so even the purpose of elegance and sophistication along with looking chic and trendy is fulfilled. This is one color that can suit just any skin tone.

Brides love to look regal and yet stand-out from the crowd, without looking too loud or over the top. So, by picking a light color, they leave room for experimentation with make-up and jewelry. Bling has turned a new shade of pale, literally!

Don’t you think that by making the subtle color choices, brides wants their inner diva to look bold, confident and out-of-the-box statement that makes them a bride like none other. We personally love the freshness of these colors and think they are just perfect for an unconventional, but still traditional wedding.  If you have come across any such unconventional ideas for Indian weddings, drop them in comments! We’re so excited to read them!


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